A Question of Liability

There is an interesting development in Australia, whereby companies that insist that employees get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs, are required to compensate those employees for life if they suffer any injury as a result of the vaccine.

Because the long term effects of the experimental mRNA vaccines are unknown, employers are unable to get any insurance to cover against this liability. The risks are just completely unknown, but a lot of medical experts are concerned that there may be some long term ill-effects. Imran Ahmed will of course pretend that they don’t exist – perhaps he would like to indemnify the world against covid vaccination injuries and death? I didn’t think so – he is making money from pretending that medics who have reservations are despicable anti-vaxxers, but he wouldn’t be prepared to put that money where his mouth is. He is just a despicable human being.

I think it is about time that the “no jab/no job” merchants in the United States were put under the same obligation of compensating for any vaccine injuries. And like in Australia, this obligation should carry on whether the person remains with that employer or not. That is only right considering that some side effects may not appear until some years after the vaccine is administered. Would Imran Ahmed support that? Probably not because it might hurt his income – if people incur liability, they will be more realistic in their demands and it will introduce some rationality into the discussion instead of the emotional claptrap that Imran Ahmed spews out.