Bill Gates and Vaccines

We all know that Bill Gates is a strong proponent of Covid-19 vaccines. Surprise! Did you also know that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is invested in Covid vaccine stocks? What this amounts to is that Gates is using the foundation to try and shape the world the way he wants it and, while doing so, increase the foundation’s funds to give him more influence.

So is Bill Gates one of the mystery backers of CCDH and Imran Ahmed? Is he using these people to spread his influence and control? The fact is that Bill Gates is a thoroughly evil influence and he gets away with it because of his money and so-called philanthropy.

So why won’t CCDH come clean about its funding? They have no credibility if they don’t. And they won’t have any credibility if Gates is funding them either. Perhaps that explains it – better to have people only think something possible than have them know it. Come clean CCDH if you dare.