Black Lives Matter

I have just read an old blog post (Jun 16, 2020) on the CCDH website, entitled Domestic actors trump foreign influence in polarising Black Lives Matter debate. I don’t know whether Imran Ahmed, the CCDH board or anyone in CCDH believes this tripe or whether they are just looking for something to write about.

Before going further, I wish to make it clear that I believe that black lives matter just as much as any other life. As a Christian, I hate any form of oppression, injustice, cruelty or anything else of that nature. That is one of the reasons for this website, because Imran Ahmed is using hate and disinformation to tackle what he calls hate and disinformation, but which is not necessarily so.

So what is wrong with the blog post referred to? Quite simply the idea that right-wing actors are polarising the debate. Total nonsense. The only polarising acts are the acts of BLM demonstrators, by which I mean the tearing down of statues or defacing them or defacing monuments with grafiti, burning flags et cetera.

So what did the evil right wing do? They tweeted! Here’s what the CCDH had to say “Video footage of a protester scaling the Cenotaph and attempting to burn the British flag was watched 26,000 times when posted by RT, the UK television channel owned by the Russian state. But the same footage tweeted by Katie Hopkins received ten times that number of views”. For the sake of completeness, here is the content of her tweet: “I hear elderly Brits watching on, relieved their time is up so that they don’t have to watch this country fall…relieved others who fought for us are spared from the sight. We are shamed by what we have become”. So is Katie Hopkins polarising the debate? It seems to me that she is expressing a perfectly valid opinion that is shared by many others. But it so happens that in some circles, obviously including the Center for Countering Digital Hate, Katie Hopkins has become a figure of hate and CCDH are capitalising on that to try to make their point. It is another case of CCDH exploiting hate for their own ends. If you look at this objectively, it is very clear that the only polarising action here is trying to burn the flag. That much is obvious, I would have thought even to Imran Ahmed, because it is well known that some people are extremely offended by actions like that. So there you have the polarisation — those who are angry and offended versus BLM.

Now in the olden days, I joined a CND march from Aldermaston. We didn’t do that with the intention of running riot, breaking monuments, painting grafiti or anything like that. Purely a demonstration that we were a huge body of people who wanted nuclear disarmament. So why have demonstrations become so violent and disruptive? Well a part of it is hate, such as so-called Muslims blowing up the hated “infidels“, such as BLM protesters that exclude themselves from society showing their hate for that society, And the Center for Countering Digital Hate fosters that hate, not by calling out the demonstrators but by calling out right wing commentators who don’t like their actions.

Now, I will get a lot of hate by saying that some of these protesters exclude themselves from society. So how can I justify such an inflammatory remark? For starters, the way they act. If you act in a way of which society disapproves, you will not be welcomed in. But perhaps most of all, any society has certain norms, and if you don’t conform to those norms, you exclude yourself.

If people want a good job, then they need to wear the clothes, the hair, the manner of speaking, the behaviour of people who have a good job. Contravene any of those and you exclude yourself. Doing you own thing is fine, but then support yourself or get with like-minded people and create your own businesses, or join one of those many enterprises where how you look is irrelevant. The only thing we ask is that you get off your backsides and do something constructive and not rely on society to fund your unemployment benefit and your destruction of public property.

Of course, some BLM protesters are perfectly normal working members of society, but they are not the ones doing the damage