CCDH and Imran Ahmed and Anti-Vax Watch are doing a great disservice to mankind. The world is in crisis with a pandemic and these people are trying to shut down any discussion that doesn’t agree with their blinkered and inaccurate view of the situation, thus making it harder to reach a satisfactory solution.

Governments had no answer and put all their faith in vaccination, as does the World Health Organization (WHO). At least they weren’t trying to suppress other views. Then along come CCDH and Imran Ahmed and Anti-Vax Watch with the same blind faith in vaccination, but worse, they try to suppress contrary views. And even worse, they try to discredit their targets over things that are nothing to do with their vaccination concerns (tanning beds for example). Yet they don’t mention all the money paid out by vaccine producers in compensation and fines. They are just really nasty people.

But those who have been expressing caution are turning out to be right all along. Vaccines aren’t the magic bullet. They are not 100% effective and they are causing virus mutations which will increasingly evade the vaccines. Vaccination does not prevent infection and spreading infection. Vaccine Passports don’t make life safer for anyone.

It is becoming clearer that governments should jettison their faith in vaccines and instead spend their money on research into treatments and health information campaigns to help people improve their immune systems. The disease will be around forever. People will continue to catch it, which is why we need effective treatments, and after they recover, they will have better immunity to re-infection. We know that it will not be full immunity, but it has already been shown that natural immunity is better than that provided by vaccines.

But unfortunately the battle may be nearly lost. Governments are looking for a quick fix, and mistakenly think that vaccines are that fix. In reality, we will all pay later if they carry on the way they are. Unfortunately, governments are reinforced in their views by some scientists who are reluctant to admit that they were wrong. And the pharmaceutical companies are not likely to say that we shouldn’t rely on their products.

The situation is bad enough without the morons CCDH, Imran Ahmed and Anti-Vax Watch. These people are just too bigoted, or too well paid, to recognize that the situation is changing as we get more knowledge as to what is happening with vaccines.

We know:

  • That vaccines have short term side effects and cause death
  • That vaccines are not 100% effective
  • That vaccine ineffectiveness leads to virus mutations
  • That we are likely to need booster shots forever if we don’t change our strategy

We don’t know

  • What the long term effects of mRNA “vaccines” might be
  • How we are going to deal with virus mutations

In spite of the risks, governments are looking to vaccinate children. That could be wrecking their lives for little or no benefit. Without comorbidity, children are at very low risk from the virus and vaccinating them with experimental drugs is the height of irresponsibility. And these drugs are experimental – they incorporate a new technology and were rushed through with temporary authorization. It is vital that scientists and governments stand back and have a good look at what they are doing, and stop doing it.

There is little or no hope for CCDH, Imran Ahmed and Anti-Vax Watch. Their behavior is disgusting and it is a tragedy that people in government and the media are paying them any attention. Hopefully their influence will wane and they will crawl back under their rock.

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