The Disinformation Dozen

The polemic which is getting Imran Ahmed most attention is The Disinformation Dozen, Catchy title, but wrong in that “disinformation” is the deliberate spreading of misinformation. If his targets are mistaken in what they write, that would be misinformation. There is no evidence that they are disseminating information that they believe to be untrue, which would be disinformation.

The Disinformation Dozen is a joint effort between the Center for Countering Digital Hate Ltd (CCDH) and Anti-Vax Watch. They say “Anti-Vax Watch is an alliance of concerned individuals who are seeking to educate the American public about the dangers of the anti-vax industry”. I went to the website and couldn’t find any information on who they were and how they were funded. They could be state-sponsored Russians for all I know. So with both CCDH and Anti-Vax Watch, we don’t know who the paymasters are.

I will confine myself to the hit piece against Dr Mercola, because I am more familiar with his writings and if I didn’t set limits, this could go on for ever.

The piece starts with “Joseph Mercola is a successful anti-vaccine entrepreneur, peddling dietary supplements and false cures as alternatives to vaccines”. That is disinformation perpetrated by the authors. Mercola’s success as an entrepreneur is minimally affected by his stance on the Covid-19 “vaccines”. He is not an “anti-vaccine entrepreneur” but a natural health entrepreneur. Yes, he recommends dietary supplements and sells them, but you can get them in plenty of other places too. In the years that I have been following his output I have not known him to “peddle” false cures or even sell them. The use of the word “peddle” shows that this is a polemic hit piece, not a report.

Example Violations according to the authors:

  1. “The same number of people have died in 2020 that, on average, have died in previous years. This simply wouldn’t be the case if we had a lethal pandemic”. This is a tricky one, partly because the original article that went along with that claim is no longer accessible. So I don’t know whether it applies to the whole of 2020 or whether it applies to the whole world or just the United States. I do not know whether this is information or misinformation. Sorry!
  2. “Forced vaccination is part of the plan to reset the global economic system. Now, global vaccine passports are being introduced, and it’s only a matter of time before vaccination status will be a prerequisite for travel”. The “Great Reset” is the baby of the World Economic Forum – the rich and famous including Bill Gates, who hold their meetings in Davos. You can go here if you want to know more about the Great Reset: . But vaccine passports are being rolled out, there are different degrees of freedom according to whether you can provide evidence of vaccination. And they are UTTERLY USELESS and only a means of controlling people. We now know that vaccination does not stop you catching Covid-19 and spreading it, same as anybody unvaccinated. We should thank Dr Mercola for warning us about vaccine passports, but we are already there. The World Economic Forum supports mandatory vaccination of course – their primary objective is to develop ways of controlling the peasants.
  3. “This Mercola article included in our sample of URLs posted in anti-vaccine Facebook Groups claims that “hydrogen peroxide treatment can successfully treat most viral respiratory illnesses, including coronavirus” has been shared on Facebook 4,600 times”. The first time that Dr Mercola mentioned this was when he was reporting on the great success that a practising medical doctor was having with nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Yippee! A cheap and effective treatment. I haven’t tried it because I haven’t had Covid-19, but I cannot deny the logic of it. For a start, the human body itself produces hydrogen peroxide, so it is perfectly safe in low concentrations. The concentrations recommended by the proponents of this treatment are 1% or less. Then the fact that the virus collects in the respiratory system. You are in trouble when the virus establishes itself in the lungs. Hydrogen peroxide will kill the virus and breathing nebulized hydrogen peroxide gets it into the right places. So the logic is there; we have a physician effectively treating patients; and we have Imran Ahmed belittling it because it isn’t a vaccine. If Imran Ahmed knew anything, he would know that people have been using hydrogen peroxide in this way for years prior to Covid-19 and it is perfectly safe, unlike vaccines.

So the polemic starts by giving disinformation on Dr Mercola’s business and then comes up with three examples of supposed disinformation, one of which may or may not be correct, one of which contains a prediction which has come true and one of which provides good information on a treatment that is low cost and very effective according to the physicians using it. I would say that the authors of this report should go away and do their homework. All they have shown is that they are ignorant, bigoted and publishing disinformation and hate.

DISCLOSURE: I have nothing to disclose. I have no association with Dr Mercola other than as a reader of his emails and website. I am writing this because I dislike the hate and disinformation hypocritically uttered by people who claim to be opposed to hate and misinformation. It is my considered opinion that Dr Mercola is more trustworthy than CCDH, Anti-Vax Watch and Imran Ahmed.

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