The Problem with Credibility

This is the way it is: Scientists are telling politicians that the only way to deal with Covid-19 is vaccination. And that is what politicians are telling the people. “Follow the science”.

The problem with scientists is that they have made bad mistakes in the past, and many are beholden to their paymasters, either directly, if they are in employment, or indirectly in terms of research grants.

Take the opioid crisis in the US for example. An article in Nature ( says: “In the United States, the country most severely affected, it arose through a confluence of well-intentioned efforts to improve pain management by doctors and aggressive — even fraudulent — marketing by pharmaceutical manufacturers“. That doesn’t exactly engender trust does it? And some pharmaceutical manufacturers are doing pretty well out of Covid.

Politicians have long been mistrusted. Clearly many are always thinking of the public good, but many appear to be in it for themselves and will do anything to get elected or re-elected. Not to mention the cases when they have been for sale. Not to forget the work done by lobbyists.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a test for our politicians. It has presented totally new challenges and they needed to show success in dealing with it. They all hoped that vaccines would come to the rescue. When vaccines were developed and shown to be fairly effective and fairly safe in preliminary testing, politicians leapt at the chance of rolling them out on an “emergency use” basis. And that they have been doing for over half a year.

So why don’t we believe the scientists who are telling the politicians that these vaccines are safe and effective and why don’t we believe the politicians who are endorsing the science, buying tons of vaccine and telling us all to get vaccinated?

If that was all there was to it, we would all be lining up for our vaccinations, and many people are. But the science isn’t black and white. Some places you don’t know which vaccine you are going to get until you turn up. Pfizer and Moderna produce mRNA drugs which aren’t really vaccines. The technology is new and not tested to the extent that we know the long term side effects, and some of the short term side effects are debilitating for some people. And we know vaccines kill some people.

Many scientists have a problem with Covid-19 vaccines. Firstly, an effective vaccine against any coronavirus has never been developed. There have been attempts and failures. The other is the mRNA technology involved. This triggers the recipient’s cells to produce a virus protein which then triggers the immune system to develop antibodies. What happens to the injected material? The proponents want you to believe that it goes away. The opponents doubt that, they say there is evidence to the contrary and that it might wreak havoc with the recipient’s health in future. The opponents point to serious side effects and death.

Rabid pro-vaxxers like Imran Ahmed and CCDH, say the scientific consensus is that everything is fine and that it is antisocial and dangerous not to get vaccinated. They say that anybody who expresses doubt is spreading misinformation and lies and needs to be deplatformed. What they haven’t shown is why those who express doubt are wrong. All they can do is try to hinder their free speech.

Although the vaccines have been in use for some months, there seems to be a shortage of reliable data on their safety and effectiveness. It was even suggested that the ongoing trials were invalidated by vaccinating the unvaccinated control group – an extraordinary thing to do if so. There are claims that side effects, including deaths are under-reported. That I can believe, given the nature of the reporting systems in the UK and USA. But even so there are certainly documented cases of severe vaccine damage. And it will take lengthy and serious study to determine what long term effects there are. Without a control group there will forever be questions about what was a result of vaccination and what wasn’t.

One thing we do know is that vaccinated individuals are contracting Covid-19, and are therefore capable of spreading it further. It may be that the disease is less severe after vaccination, but it is going to continue to be spread, vaccination or not. So why are the rabid pro-vaxxers like Imran Ahmed so hot under the collar about people expressing their concerns? Is he doing it for the money? Unfortunately people are seeing his hate, lies and disinformation in the media (exactly what he is accusing others of propagating) and unfortunately some will think that he knows what he is talking about.

There are two sides to this and people have a right to hear both sides, in spite of what Imran Ahmed and his paymasters think. Scientists and politicians are distrusted, as should be anybody like Ahmed and the CCDH that only want you to hear one side of the story.

Breaking story in the Daily Telegraph today (5:30pm 10 August 2021): “Delta variant has wrecked hopes of herd immunity, warn scientists”. The gist of this article is that it is clear that the delta variant can infect people who have been vaccinated, which made herd immunity impossible to reach even with high vaccine uptake. So much for vaccines – we are all capable of being infected with Covid and capable of spreading it. If there continues to be a move to introduce universal vaccine passports, then we know that it is more about controlling people than about public safety. If people who are vaccinated can catch and spread Covid-19 same as anybody else. what on earth is the point of discrimination? And what on earth is the point of Anti-Vax Watch’s and CCDH’s and Imran Ahmed’s vicious attacks on those who recommend caution.

There is an interesting video on the rise of variants on YouTube:

We know that vaccinated people are contracting Covid-19. The disease may be milder in these people, but how long for? Guvvaments and “scientists” are already calling for booster shots. How frequently? Will they be forever? So vaccines are not fully effective and only temporary. And there is a strong possibility that their ineffectiveness is giving rise to variants which will be more troublesome. And there aren’t even good reporting systems for logging the deaths caused and harmful effects of the vaccines. The reporting systems are such that much will be unreported. With deaths that are reported, there is always the question of whether it was actually the vaccine that killed them. Government policy is to vaccinate everyone; rabid pro-vaxxers like Imran Ahmed are trying to shut down anybody who says we need to exercise caution; and nobody is supplying good information on how unsafe and ineffective the vaccines are.

So now, who do you trust? Certainly not Imran Ahmed and the CCDH. I’m sorry to mention Imran Ahmed so much, but he is the person who keeps cropping up in videos and text on the internet. He is really trying to build up his rabid pro-vaxx position and seems to be the go-to person for interviews and articles expressing outrage at the people who have legitimate concerns about the ethics, safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines. Not governments either – they have the ability to collate information on how safe and effective vaccines are, or aren’t, and they are not doing it. Imran Ahmed is deliberately lying to people when he says that the vaccines are safe and effective and he is deliberately misleading people when he tries to equate mRNA “vaccines” with the vaccines that have kept us safe for 200 years (in spite of the fact that some of those have had serious problems too).

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