Website Launch

This website was in effect launched in the week beginning 23 August, 2021. I saw it as necessary because of the hate, lies and disinformation spread by The Center for Countering Digital Hate, and Imran Ahmed in particular. I also wanted to make it clear that, as a member of the public without a vested interest, I value the health information put out by those that they are trying to deplatform. Many others value their information too, because we don’t have blind faith in pharmaceutical companies that see huge profit potential, nor in politicians who have put all their COVID policy eggs in the one vaccine basket, nor in scientists whose main loyalty is to their employers or research grant donors. Many of these are, of course, reputable and ethical in their behaviour, but there have been enough exceptions to make us sceptical.

And there is continually breaking news about COVID with respect to prevention and treatment. The CCDH polemics are fixed in time and out of date and they are wrong. And trying to shut down discussion is wrong.

Another thing that is reprehensible is that we are not getting reliable information on the good and the harm done by vaccines. This is the fault of politicians who haven’t set up reliable reporting systems, relying instead on voluntary reporting systems which produce totally unreliable data on vaccine injury and death. An information vacuum gives rise to both good and bad information, and The Center for Countering Digital Hate and Imran Ahmed have shown themselves to be unqualified to tell which is which.

My advice to everyone is to learn all they can and make up their minds what to do. My own hierarchy of credibility puts doctors treating COVID-19 effectively at the top. At the bottom I put CCDH, Imran Ahmed and those politicians who are pressing for young people and children to be vaccinated.